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  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Do you offer fly fishing for sailfish & marlin?

    Yes, we love to catch sailfish & blue marlin on the fly.   We find that those who catch their first billfish on the fly, are addicted for life to salt water fly fishing.

  • What species of fish do  you primarily target a deep sea fishing charters in Guatemala?

    Mad Marlin Sport Fishing targets sailfish, blue marlin, striped marlin, black marlin, yellow fin tuna, dorado (mahi-mahi) on our offshore deep sea fishing charters.  Inshore targets are mostly rooster fish, cero mackerel, jack crevalle, and red snapper.

  • Do you offer fishing school training?

    Our Captains and crew make a special effort to give advice and special training to all of our clients who wish to learn how to improved their fishing skills.  They will teach you our proven techniques from beginning to end.  We have something from everyone, whether they be a novice or well-seasoned professional.  Even tournament anglers practice with us before tournaments to hone their skills and to pick up any tips that may be useful in their tournament fishing.  We specialize in teaching fly-fishing as well as conventional skills using the very successful and exciting bait and switch technique.  Unlike many crews, we hope to get every angler to be able to do as much of the activity of fishing as possible (if they desire).  Some will only let the mates hook the fish and pass the rod to the angler.  We think it is a more fulfilling experience when the anglers can do this themselves.   With Mad Mad Marlin, that choice is alway the client's choice!

  • Do Guatemala charter boats release more sailfish than Costa Rica & Panama?

    Yes, we do have better sailfishing than Costa Rica & Panama..  Guatemala is now the number one destination in the world for the most sailfish releases per day per boat.  Ron Hamlin and a group of Texas anglers holds the IGFA world record for sailfish releases by a single boat in one day.  The released 124 sailfish that spectacular fishing day.  Outdoor magazines such as Sport Fishing Magazine, Salt Water Sportsman and National Geographic have written have reported about the incredible billfishing off the Pacific coast of Guatemala.

  • You offer many sport fishing tip package options at various rates.  Is the fishing part the same for all of them?

    No matter which fishing vacation you choose with Mad Marlin Sport Fishing, the fishing charter portion of your trip is the same.  You get the same great crews, boats, gear, rods, reels, lures, and time on the water in all our charters.  The difference lies in the accommodations, airport pickup and return, and whether or not you choose an all-inclusive package.  We even offer a budget plan where you can even bring your own food and drinks and save money that way if you choose to.  However, the fishing experience is exactly the same on all our packages.  We take great pride in our fishing success and will never cut corners in that area.  In order to have something to offer for anyone's budget we have chosen to offer choices and options not offered by other companies here.  A budget-minded client can fish with us much cheaper if they do not have to pay for other services that they neither need or desire.

  • Are your clients permitted to bring their own rods, reels, lures, and other sport fishing gear?

    Certainly! You can bring any of you own fishing equipment, rods, reels, lures, flies, etc.  Anything you want.  We have state of the art Penn International, Avet, and Shimano rods and reels and teasers and lures proven to produce.    Avid anglers who fish all over the world often bring their gear with them to Guatemala.  Our Avet high-speed reels and custom rods are perfect for our big game fishing in Guatemala, but your tackle and gear is always welcome.  We stress again that it is your trip so you get to do exactly what you want.

  • How many anglers are permitted on trips with Mad Marlin Sport Fishing?

    We can take as many as 6 or more but recommend 4 or less.  This recommendation is not based upon fishing room or maximum capacity but rather on overall customer satisfaction.   It is just a matter of simple math that when too many people are fishing, each person on the fishing trip gets less action.   Prices quoted are for a total of 4

    people minimum occupancy.  To get the per person rate, then divide that number by 4.  Each additional person, whether fishing or riding along is $100 per day extra.   For more than 6 people, we will require a charter of 2 boats.

  • What meals and drinks are provided on the boat?

    On the standard and all-inclusive packages:

    • Lunch
    • Snacks
    • Water
    • Beer (Extra sodas may be substituted with advanced notice prior to trip)
    • Sodas
    • Ice
  • Are Mad Marlin clients permitted to hook the fish themselves in order to enjoy the full fishing experience?

    Get the full experience out of your sport fishing trip with our helpful crews

    This is YOUR sport fishing vacation and you can participate in as much or as little of the process as you want. Many charter crews forget this and think only about getting a fish to the boat.  We always ask our anglers how they prefer the fishing to go and how much they wish to participate in the process.

    Our crew will have even novice sailfish anglers trained in the bait and switch technique in no time.  Some anglers do absolutely everything including hooking, fighting, billing, unhooking and releasing their sailfish, marlin, or dorado (mahi mahi). The choice of the level of participation is always that of our valued clients.

  • What clothing and accessories should clients bring for their Guatemala fishing trip?

    We recommend bringing 6-8 sets of t-shirts and shorts, tennis or deck shoes, fishing hat, sun screen, lip balm, mosquito repellent,  Avon skin-so-soft (for mosquitoes), a few changes of underwear, toothbrush, toothpaste, a swimming suit, and not much more.  We have laundry service so there is no need for many changes of clothes.   Most people simply throw their stuff in a backpack as a carry on and check no luggage at all.  This backpack method greatly facilitates clearance at customs and security. Be sure that any liquids such as sun screen meet the airline requirements or they will take them from you at security. Men should not wear shorts that have the inner crotch liner due to inevitable painful chaffing by the end of a fishing day!

  • Is it safe to travel in Guatemala?

    Mad Marlin Lodge provides a safe and secure environment for the fishing trip of a lifetime

    From the time you are met by our staff upon your arrival at the airport in Guatemala City until your depart for home we see that you are always in a secure environment.   The drive from the airport is on a major four-lane highway and is very secure.  Some sectors of Guatemala city are dangerous very similar to the dangers faced in any major metropolitan city.  Our clients will never be exposed to such areas.  The fishing lodge is located in an extremely safe, secure, affluent area and has superb 24/7 security and highly-screened entry protocols.   Many wealthy Guatemalans have built vacation homes in the same neighborhood as Mad Marlin Lodge.

  • What is the customary tip for the charter boat crew?

    Prices do not include gratuities "propina" for boat crew, attendants, maids, hosts, or drivers and is completely at the clients discretion.  It is to be treated much like restaurant services and reflect the quality of service you receive.  A typical average tip for the boat crew of 10-20% is customary but not obligatory.  Tips should be given directly to the captain & crew for the fishing portion of your trip.  You can give the entire amount to the Captain for distribution or to each person individually.  It is preferred that tips be paid in quetzales (local currency) if possible due to the restrictions in Guatemala of currency exchange and rejected US dollars for even the slightest defect.

  • What airport should clients fly in to for their charter fishing trips in Guatemala?

    Mad Marlin clients fly in to the Guatemala City International Airport where you will be met by our driver.  Mad Marlin Sport Fishing's accommodations are approximately 90 miles from the airport.  The drive is quite beautiful. Along the 4 lane highway will see 5 volcanoes in the distance and take in and beautiful Guatemala mountain scenery.  There are many places to eat along the way to the lodge if you are hungry from your travels.

  • Are accommodations air conditioned?

    The Mad Marlin is air conditioned.  May charter boats in Guatemala do not have or use air conditioning so be sure to always inquire about this.  Guatemala is HOT!

  • Do you practice catch and release conservation measures?

    Yes, we do practice catch and release on sailfish, marlin, and rooster fish.   Conservation is very important to us and has contributed greatly to our spectacular Guatemala fishery.  Other fish such as dorado, tuna, wahoo, & mackerel that are not protected can be kept by the clients.

  • Do all-inclusive packages include airport pick up and return?

    Yes, all-inclusive packages include airport pickup and return.   Our drivers meet you at the airport in Guatemala City and transport you in an air-conditioned van. From the time you arrive until you depart you are in good hands.  If you are hungry when you arrive at the airport just let our driver know and he can stop along the way for some local food and drink if you wish.

  • Are there fuel surcharges added when the price of fuel is more than usual?

    All fuel costs are included in our rates and we never charge a fuel surcharge for your sport fishing trips with Mad marlin sportfishing.

  • Do you limit your distance offshore to save fuel costs or do you go as far as necessary to locate good fishing?

    We go where we need to go based upon where the fish are biting or where they are most likely bite the best.  Fuel costs have nothing to do with where we choose to fish.

  • Do you have a sun and rain cover to protect from the elements?

    Yes, we have a retractable sun and rain shade on the Mad Marlin.  We also have an air-conditioned well-equipped cabin and galley for client comfort.

  • Do you have a full marine head or a tiny marine cuddy cabin toilet?

    Yes, a full stand-up marine head with toilet, sink and shower with complete privacy.

  • Are your boats twin or single engine vessels?

    The Mad Marlin is equipped with twin turbocharged Cummins diesel engines to get you to and from the fishing grounds fast ands safely.

  • Do you have professional fishing gear, teasers & lures?

    Yes, Mad Marlin Sport fishing has spared no expense with regard to our fishing gear and equipment.    We have a selection of Penn, Avet, and Shimano reels, custom rods, and an assortment of top-of-the-line teasers and lures.  We provide all an angler needs for Guatemala Sport Fishing whether it be conventional, spinning, or on-the-fly.


    We have one of the best-equipped sport fishing Bertram 31's in Central America with everything from cutting-edge Halo radar (72-mile) to the famous EVO2 network fish-finding, chart-plotting, navigation, tracking, and audio.  Our radar can locate birds and spinner dolphin up to 8-9 miles away.   Other boats who remain silent after finding fish just cannot hide very long from us!


  • Can we keep all or part of any catch that is permitted to be kept?

    Any fish that is non-mandatory for release and caught our your charter with Mad Marlin Sport Fishing belongs to the client.  Clients may choose to keep all, some, or none of it.  It is left to the client's discretion as to whether they share the edible catch with the crew.  Many choose to take at least enough to have a nice dinner prepared by one of the local restaurants or at the resort.

  • What are some other fun things to do on a trip to Guatemala?

    Guatemala offers a wealth of non-fishing activities

    Our primary focus is to provide the best sailfishing in the world, but are more than happy to facilitate excursions to some of the awesome  treasures and wonders of Guatemala.  Many take trips to historic Antigua, tour ancient Mayan ruins at Tikal, relax at Lake Atitlan, or play a round of golf.  These  as well as a host of other activities can be arranged upon request but are optional.  Guatemala offers a wealth of  non-fishing activities and night-life as well. If you plan a stay that is longer than your fishing trip with us, there is a day tour to the famous Tikal ruins with inexpensive round trip flights out of Guatemala City.



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